Founded in 1911 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, Ebel is a distinguished watch brand renowned for its refined elegance and craftsmanship. In 1914, the brand introduced its first wristwatch, marking the inception of its legacy. Ebel’s commitment to precision and artistry gained recognition in 1930 when it became a supplier to the British Royal Air Force.

Significant to Ebel’s history, the year 1977 witnessed the launch of the Sport Classic collection, combining sporty aesthetics with luxurious detailing. In 1982, Ebel introduced the Sport Wave collection, characterized by its distinctive wave-link bracelet, blending innovation with design.

Ebel’s logo is a stylized “E,” representing the brand’s name. This insignia embodies Ebel’s dedication to elegance and serves as a hallmark of its timepieces. The logo encapsulates the brand’s ethos of timeless sophistication, mirroring its commitment to artisanship and enduring design.