Baume et Mercier, a distinguished Swiss watch brand, boasts a rich heritage dating back to 1830. Founded by the Baume family, it began as a small workshop in Les Bois, Switzerland. In 1918, the brand united with the Mercier family, leading to the establishment of Baume et Mercier. The brand’s hallmark has been an unwavering commitment to crafting watches characterized by elegance and accessible luxury.

In 1965, Baume et Mercier introduced the Riviera, a groundbreaking timepiece distinguished by its distinctive dodecagonal bezel. This design exemplified the brand’s fusion of innovative aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship.

The brand’s logo, an emblem of its values, embodies the harmonious union of heritage and modernity. Featuring the Greek letter Phi, symbolizing the golden ratio, it signifies the brand’s pursuit of balance, precision, and aesthetic refinement. This emblem reflects Baume et Mercier’s enduring dedication to horological excellence.