2022 marks the 10th anniversary for SevenFriday and they are celebrating this special occasion with a new watch release, the Free-D. SevenFriday calls the Free-D a marriage between the long standing traditions of horology and the present developments combined in 3D printing. “With the help of HP’s modern technology, the Free-D maximizes wearing comfort : light, flexible but nonetheless resistant, its design is cutting edge, to say the least.” The watch is almost entirely made from a sustainable polyamide material called PA11. PA11 is a castor oil-based polyamide that is both organic and sustainable. The watch case design is quite unique, using the PA11 material to encase the titanium pod, which is constructed with a domed sapphire crystal, creating a capsule, the result is a very light product (at approx. 81g complete with the strap and buckle). The movement, a Swiss made Sellita SW300-1 displaying time in a non traditional way, using discs to show seconds, minutes and hours, is encased inside a grade 5 titanium pod, the frame (that cradles the pod) is cutting edge, digital manufacturing with Hewlett-Packard Multi jet fusion 3D Printing solutions, this material is sustainable and light. Even the strap is carrying the same concept and design, combining the PA11 cradle construction blend with leather, making this watch a totally new experience, unlike anything else on the market. Attention to detail is evident right down to the box, using the same 3D printing method, the box is printed in 1 single sequence, something amazing to behold. The watch dimension is equally non-traditional, with the pod being 44.8mm in diameter, the cradle is measured at 52.8mm (I assure you the whole watch feels more like a 46mm in a traditional sense). The watch is 100% Swiss made, a first for the company. Limited to 50pcs (The watch is exclusively offered at SevenFriday’s (7F) app) Priced at 3,500CHF