The watch represents a significant advancement in calendar watch technology, establishing itself as the best in the watch world. This model is IWC’s first secular perpetual calendar, designed to accurately keep time until the year 3999 without needing adjustments, even incorporating the Gregorian calendar’s leap year exceptions with a

400-year gear. This gear enables the watch to adhere to all the Gregorian calendar’s rules and exceptions, addressing the intricate rules that usually apply to centurial years.

This watch also features an accurate moon phase display that deviates just one day in 45 million years, setting a new standard in precision. The amazing thing about this movement is that these accuracies are achieved with a minimalistic approach in the gear designs, allowing it to maintain high accuracy while keeping the movement size relatively unchanged.

The watch is encased in a 44.4mm platinum case with a thickness of 15mm, and features sapphire crystal with a display case back and water resistance up to 50m. The layout retains the classic arrangement of calendar functions and moon phases similar to those in Kurt Klaus’ original perpetual calendar design, with all indicators adjustable via the crown. Glass dial with white lacquer base. Visually, the easy telltale sign is the gear visible at 4 o’clock. The automatic movement, Calibre 52460, features a Pellaton winding system

Power reserve is 7 days

Priced at CHF150,000