18k white gold case in 43.5mm. Manual winding tourbillon movement, completely handmade. The Hand Made 1 has been entirely created from scratch. The movement construction, traditional machining and hand-finishing specialists reflected at length on each of the 272 movement components and 36 case parts. In fact, this is an entirely handmade timepiece, from the movement to the case, to the leather strap, the dial and the hands -the only exceptions being the sapphire crystals, the case gaskets, the spring- bars, the jewels, and the mainspring. To achieve the 95% handmade level more than 6,000 hours of work for one single timepiece. To obtain the 308 components of the Hand Made 1 respecting Greubel Forsey criteria, over 800 individual parts had to be made. It took 35 times longer to make the complete tourbillon cage than for a standard high-end tourbillon. When just a dozen operations on an automatic lathe effortlessly yield some 500 screws, a single screw, as small as it may be, requires up to 12 individual operations taking up to 8 hours to make just one. To hand make one wheel of the Hand Made 1 takes 600 times longer than that of a high-end industrial wheel. Power reserve is at 60hrs Unique piece Price – Not available (likely around 800,000.00 CHF)