One of the main focus here is the replacement of the traditional Swiss lever escapement with the Blade Resonator; which is incredible at reducing friction. The hairspring itself is replaced by a short spring shaped like a bow, on the outside of the blade resonator. This short spring pivots between two opposing blade edges, making a very low angle oscillation, the friction generated is very low; which means power efficiency is very high. This system is completely new and will make revolutionary changes to the industry. Low amplitude (30°) with high frequency (5Hz) offers great accuracy, in fact Renaud believes it can achieve far superior accuracy than COSC. Using a standard mainspring, it can achieve an incredible power reserve of 14 days. The case is made of titanium C shape and the movement is housed in a sapphire cylinder that can rotate 360°, allowing the wearer to choose which part of the watch to admire. Unique piece. Priced at 1,000,000.00CHF